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July 03, 2018

Image: Great Salt Lake, Utah. 35mm Kodak Ektar 100

Note: This was a post on my old Tumblr blog.

I really don’t know. I have no idea why I started this. In my zombie-state of internet browsing, I realized last night that LiveJournal was still around (and oddly still relevant?). And I thought about it, and how pure it was in a writing sense, and missed it. But I don’t think I could bring myself to make another account. That needs to remain with teenage me. With the early 2000′s.

So I made this Tumblr. I’m kind of an old lady, and didn’t really hop onto too many social media platforms after Facebook. So I’ve never had an account on here before.

I’m not going to seek out any social interaction, although if anyone finds this you’re completely welcome to anything here.

My only sincere wish is that I remain anonymous. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve accomplished, but you never really know these days with all of our interconnecting platforms, and everything trying to connect you with people you already know. So if anyone comes across this knowing who I am, please tell me. Partially because I don’t share these thoughts with any other humans right now, and partially because I’d be embarrassed as fuck and want to hide it better.

I want this to be hidden corner, a nook on the internet, where I can get things ~out~ of my head. Whatever that means. Without burdening anyone I know or any expectation of support.

It’s a crack in the wall that I whisper secrets into and then fill with dirt. It’s public, but hidden, and I think it might end up being really cathartic. It’ll mostly be angsty blog posts and pictures I take. So yeah. Exactly like a livejournal.

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