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About This Site

I made this to hold writings, photographs, and thoughts. Some of them are from an old tumblr I had and some are from before that, so there's back-dated work. The first post on this site (which isn't actually first?) can be found here. The first post of my old tumblr, which really started it all, can be found here.

Most photographs are 35mm or medium format film, developed and processed in my bathroom.

I built this site with Gatsby using this wonderful theme. It's hosted on GitLab Pages in a private repository.

My content here, which is all original unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License. Feel free to use and modify as you see fit following the terms of this license.

There's no privacy policy because I collect absolutely zero information from you, and run no analytics code whatsoever. You're safe here.

© 2020 T. Istre

  • CC BY-SA 4.0